Israel Advocacy Webinar

Arm Yourself to Fight for Israel

What can you do for Israel?

Join Rabbi Pesach Wolicki*, special guest speakers, and people from around the world to gain key background information and talking points you need to defend Israel in the coming days.

You will learn:

The truth about Hamas

The Israeli operations in Gaza

The history of the conflict

*Rabbi Pesach Wolicki

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki serves as Executive Director of the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation in Jerusalem, and is a regular columnist for He is a leading voice representing Israel and the Jewish people to the wider Christian community through his writings, talks, and media appearances. He is a frequent lecturer at churches and leading Christian seminaries across America and the world.

Joined by Special Guest Speakers:

Michele Bachmann

Former US Representative

David Olesker

Israel Advocacy Expert

Sharren Haskel

Member of Knesset

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Arm Yourself to Fight for Israel​. is your resource for accurate information and resources to help you help Israel. THIS IS THE TIME.

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Israel Advocacy Webinar

Arm Yourself to Fight for Israel​

Thursday, October 26th
1:00-2:30 pm (ET)